CCTV is a very visible deterrent to crime and extremely effective in many applications. JBC Security Services has many years experience in advising customers on the most effective usage of CCTV, providing the right cameras, on the right tower, with the right lighting, transmission system and monitoring facilities.
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CCTV is a great way of enhancing security at your home or business.

Not only does it allow you to keep a watchful eye on your property and loved ones day and night, more importantly it acts as a visual deterrent to deter potential intruders thinking of entering your property.

Using video surveillance technology, our cctv systems can be tailored specifically to your business / property to capture high definition images around the clock giving you peace of mind knowing that nothing goes unseen in and around your premises.
Our years of experience operating across all market sectors ensure we can provide the right CCTV solution for your business. For 30 years, we have designed, installed, and maintained CCTV systems for small and medium companies. We are confident we can work with you to design a system to meet your business needs.

JBC provide an extensive range of CCTV equipment, which we can tailor to meet the individual needs of your business or property. We offer a choice of traditional analogue CCTV systems to the latest IP based digital solutions.
Good system design is crucial to ensure you obtain an effective CCTV system that meets your requirements.

JBC will advise you on important matters such as

CCTV System

IP Systems